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CP Monitoring

& NDT Services 

 Oil & Gas


ART is the Country Agent for Saudi Arabia for Elecsys Corporation which is a leading M2M (Machine to Machine) remote monitoring and sensing technology solutions provider for both Oil & Gas, Water, and other industries.


Elecsys Corporation, a Lindsay Company, is a globally recognized industry leader in M2M solutions including Cathodic Protection Remote Monitoring and field data acquisition.  Elecsys provides ruggedized remote systems for monitoring rectifiers, test stations, critical bonds, and specialized applications such as monitoring induced AC voltage and corrosion rate monitoring.  Elecsys rectifier monitor systems are available with or without current interruption capability, and communicate over the web using cellular or satellite networks, or can communicate directly into the enterprise SCADA system via multiple protocols including MODBUS. 


Additionally, Elecsys offers the award-winning SentraLink monitoring systems for use with field sensors for tank level, pressure, temperature, corrosion rate, and many more monitoring applications.  Elecsys strives to “connect industry” to field assets by providing reliable connectivity through ruggedized field equipment.


Elecsys has been present and active in the Middle East since 2010 when it opened a representative office in Dubai. Since that time, Elecsys has installed hundreds of units all over the Middle East including in KSA, Oman and the UAE. Our units have passed extensive field tests in all these markets and have been successfully deployed in the hot, humid climate in the region for more than 8 years.


With a technical services team based in Al Khobar with our Country Partner (Al-Rushaid Technologies), we have the right resources in place to robustly support our clients. From installation assistance to commissioning to user training, we have resources present locally, all the time, every time. 


Elecsys manufactures a range of products for Oil & Gas, Water, Lighting, SCADA IIoT, Rail among others.

Al-Rushaid - Elecsys Marjan 144 unit-1.j

Saudi Aramco Offshore

Ras Tanura units installed on Marjan Oil Platforms

1000+ Elecsys units delivered


Al-Rushaid Technologies is the service provider of Elecsys products and solutions to Saudi Aramco, SAOO, SWCC, Saipem and other major Saudi clients having delivered over 1000 RMU units across the Kingdom. Our Elecsys projects include deployments with Saudi Aramco for South Ghawar, Master Gas pipeline, Fadhili Gas Pipeline, Ras Tanura, Safaniya, Marjan Oil & Gas Platforms, and other Aramco oil & gas pipelines, Offshore installations, and many others.


The reporting from Elecsys units can be either through Satellite, GSM or directly into SCADA (via Modbus). 


VIP-XT Installation

Saudi Aramco - Elecsys TR (VIP-XT) being installed on Well-head

P2S instlall 1.jpg

Saudi Aramco P2S Tracker unit

P2S Tracker
Marjan 36 (1).jpg
Installation on SAOO water injection wells

Saudi Aramco - Elecsys Tracker installed on Flow-line

Saudi Aramco Offshore

Ras Tanura units installed on Marjan Oil Platforms

SAOO South Ghawar Water Injection Wells with direct reporting into SCADA 

Marjan 144 (8).jpg
Marjan 36 (9).jpg
Marjan 36 (4).jpg

Saudi Aramco Offshore

Ras Tanura units installed on Marjan Oil Platforms

Saudi Aramco Offshore

Ras Tanura units installed on Marjan Oil Platforms

Saudi Aramco Offshore

Ras Tanura units installed on Marjan Oil Platforms

Imaging & NDT Services

ART is the country agent for Oil & Gas and Petrochemical for Jentek Sensors in Saudi Arabia

JENTEK Sensors, Inc. provides inspection and enhanced life management of high-value assets (pipelines, refineries, aircraft, rotorcraft, spacecraft, ships, power plants) and for quality assessment and control of high value-added processes (coating, welding, heat treatment, shot peening). JENTEK’s GridStation® products, together with the MWM®-Array eddy-current sensors, are now U.S. military and commercial OEM standard practice for inspection of engine and other critical components. Jentek's patented technologies and products offer unique, cost-effective solutions to address critical and challenging customer needs.


Nondestructive Testing for SCC Crack Mapping and Depth Sizing


Rapid, high-resolution imaging of internal and external corrosion through insulation and weather jacket through fireproofing with wire mesh is provided, including quantitative sizing and real-time reporting. Solutions are available for piping and vessels in a wide range of diameters, insulation thickness, and wall thickness. The JENTEK solution with the new 8200 series product offers distinct advantages over alternative methods for CUI, such as pulsed ET.

In-Ditch Pipeline, Stress Corrosion

Cracking (SCC)

MWM-Array, flexible eddy current sensing, provides a reliable alternative to magnetic particle inspection (MPI) for SCC crack colony mapping. In addition, MWM-Arrays provide crack depth sizing and digitized records that enable more practical in ditch inspection services. Furthermore, inspections can be performed through coatings under many conditions. This method is now available for field trials and field services.



Pipeline ILI (Corrosion, Cracks, Stress)


Rapid, high-resolution imaging of internal corrosion, internally initiated cracks, and relative stresses is provided using MWM-Array technology in an ILI tool. Unique capabilities include extremely high data rates capable of high-resolution imaging at 15 m/s travel speed with no sensor contact required and variable sensor to pipe wall gaps tolerated. The JENTEK PIG-IT™ product is being developed under PRCI and other industry funding and will be available soon.

Deepwater Pipelines and Risers



Under industry and internal funding JENTEK is transitioning a unique solution for deep water and shallow water inspection of pipelines, risers etc. with wet insulation for internal and external corrosion. This technology is the only practical solution available for imaging of corrosion through thick insulation on concrete weight-coat for deepwater applications.


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